Ryan Roth was born in Southampton, England in 1980 and now resides most of his time in Tokyo, Singapore, London & Bali, but travels extensively.

He's an avid traveller, having travelled to over 50 countries and has lived outside of the UK for 16 years in 7 countries. Adventure, adrenaline, outdoor sport, film, roughing it in the wilds and also staying in hotels with old world charm seems to be what he's been into most of those years. 

Ryan went to university in the UK where he studied Law and Psychology and was entrepreneurial from an early age. He has a passion for business; having both started up a number of enterprises and developed mature businesses. His first business at the age of 11 and it continued since then. 

Ryan started traveling the world at 21, living in; London, Paris, Tokyo, Bangkok, Sydney, Auckland & Los Angeles. During this time, he was traveling to understand culture and what makes the world work, but more specifically what are the differences in our cultures and what makes the world tick. 

He's achieved success in a number of different professions and roles; Investment advisor, Architecture, Art, Film Festivals, Corporate Restructuring, Branding and now focused on Agriculture (Agri-tech). The common thread through them all is Ryan’s passion for people and his drive as a self-starter. 

He previously headed an architecture firm of 400 architects with offices in 3 countries and gave a key note address on the future of architecture at the Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing at 33. 

Artist’s that Roth Management (now closed) worked with, have been featured in many publications internationally, including; The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times, Juxtapoz, Japan Today and countless others. Roth Management is currently liaising with a production company to create a documentary on the controversial Japanese artist 281 Anti Nuke, who was recently featured on French national TV and was in Ridley Scott’s movie “Japan in a Day“.

Ryan has a range of experience in various industries, but focuses on agriculture, motorbikes, travel and art. He believes his involvement in art, travel, film and charity, create a greater understanding of his interests individually and which also, create greater opportunities for his companies and personal growth.

When he’s not working, Ryan loves to explore the world. He spends time; with friends, reading, learning other languages (French, Japanese), surfing, rugby, cricket, cooking, Kite-surfing, snowboarding, rock climbing, running, swimming, boxing, and relaxing in onsens if he can find one.

Ultimately Ryan’s passionate about giving back both locally and to the global community and his newest company Kabu & Co. looks to solve the most fundamental issue of our time, global poverty.